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Hello,Can we run STM32CubeU5 TFM Application (UM2581) on U575 since it has not crypto hw like U585?Thank you in advance!Best Regards!
Hello, I wanted to ask if there is any NetX Duo DTLS implementation example with source code on any STM32 platform?
I have several questions first one is what is the max clock for I2C, minimum is pointed at this sheet but what is the max?Again for the same sheet for the LCD-TFT controller, I will be using 1.8V LVDS display so fclk frequency will be 45 MHz max righ...
I have the connection on the image from AN5031 for my custom board and I my clock configuration can be seen on the other picture. Is my clock configuration correct and how its device tree code should be?
My eMMC for my custom board support HS200 so I/O should be 1.8V, does STM32MP15 supports this speed and what is the max data rate?I will be only using eMMC for booting (no SD card or any kind of boot device) so should I go with STPMIC1A or STPMIC1B?W...
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