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X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX 4.23.2 is out!

TouchGFX 4.23.2 is now out.Please follow this link to download it.4.23.2 Release details:Release date: March 14th, 2024Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer:Fixed a bug where TouchGFX Designer would not close properlyBugfixes in TouchGFX Core:Fixed issue wer...

LouisB by ST Employee
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TouchGFX documentation feedback

We wish to always improve our documentation. The best reviews and critics always come from the people that read it, so we would like to use this post to collect your thoughts and feedbacks. Please share what you like, dislike, what you think is missi...

Share your Custom Widgets!

When creating a UI project, you may need widgets that are not part of the TouchGFX library. To create your own graphical element, the TouchGFX team suggests using the Custom Container approach. Since TouchGFX 4.20 it is possible to export and import ...

Resolved! setAlpah issues

hi guys im having an issues with opacity of a picture in the touchGFX from some reason its giving me only tree option: solid (255) or invisiable (0),and the third option is between which is staying on the same opacity all around the scale between 1- ...

shalevBA by Associate
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Resolved! Swipe Container

hi,1- What's the best way to speed up the swipe container transition?2- How can I change the animation of swipe container? 3- SwipeContainer.cpp can not modify. how do I make changes permanently ?  thanks for help 

snnzdmr1 by Associate II
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Resolved! TouchGFX build errors

I am using STM32CubeIDE 1.13.2 in Windows 11 and am trying to install TouchGFX.4.22.0 and its "Graphic Application" for a STM32H727i-DISCO board.The project is newly created and there are 14 errors that I need help fixing.As requested by the IDE, CRC...

Resolved! Unable to flash the STM32U5G9J-DK2

Hi. Updates:1) Cancelled our original order with DK due to the ECCN delays. Did receive a notice from the open ticket with ST support that the ECCN issue has been resolved with DK. Mouser did not have this delay so ordered the tool from their store.2...

Mon2 by Senior III
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Resolved! TouchGFX text translations typed text ID

Im trying to use the TouchGFX designer "text & translations" as a database of sorts.I've tried to use the function getText(text id) from the Reference but i'm not able to locate the text ID. The code below is from the TouchGFX framework.const touchgf...

XD by Associate II
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Resolved! F746 custom board

Hello,I made a custom f746 board like it is done on the discovery board. I have only implemented SDRAM and QuadSPIFlash. I can program the mcu without any problems. The display flickers heavily

MReus.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Medical devices with touchgfx?

Hello,I really like the touchGFX framework. I am working in the startup company and we are developing the in-vitro medical device. One of our feature is LCD screen and I would like to build awesome and modern GUI for that purpose (gui's in medical lo...

aroni525 by Associate II
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