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Hi,I am not able to send data/attachment with my messages. I see this: Instead of this:I tried different web browsers but no good.Any idea ?Thank youFerro 
Hi GFX Team,Could you possibly add access to colour of autogenerated __background gfx::Box please ?ThanksFerro 
Hi,Gfx::Font class returns many font properties e.g. Font::getBaseline (), Font::getPixelsAboveTop () etc. there a tool that can show all these properties ? With FontForge somehow ...
AN4861, Application note, LCD-TFT display controller (LTDC) on STM32 MCUs 
Hi,When I close GFX Designer its window disappears, however, the TouchGFXDesigner-4.23.1.exe stays running in the backround - for every opened/closed *.touchgfx project. Does anyone experiences this GFX misbehaviour ?Best regardsFerro