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pdm2pcm library, buffers size

Hello,I find function:PDM_Filter(void *pDataIn, void *pDataOut, PDM_Filter_Handler_t *pHandler);Question: what size in bytes needs to be passed to pDataIn and pDataOut pointers?Thanks for attention!

SRoma by Associate
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STM32F769 Discovery Board: I want to read stereo analogue audio in from a jack, convolve both channels with a 4096-point impulse response, then output analogue audio from the other jack. How can I do this, please ?

I want the impulse response to be read in from an #include file, and I would prefer the sample rate to be 24 bits/96KS/s. I te above will require two boards, communicating via SPDIF, that would be fine.

MLawr by Associate III
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Audio example using STM32F769 Discovery board

What is a relatively easy/simple way to process analogue audio from the jacks on the STM32F769 Discovery board ? Is there already a template for this ?I would be very grateful for any assistance with this.I am new to programming DSP hardware, althoug...

MLawr by Associate III
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