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Board Manager documentation is out !

The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki, this documentation is compatible with version 6.1.2 of the MCSKD. Board Descriptions are used by the ST motor-control workbench to enable users to configur...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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MCSDK 6.2.0 is out!

Dear MCSDK users, MCSDK version 6.2 is now available: Download It here.Here are the main changes for this version:Hardware Compatibility : C0 Support for FOC 3-Shunt and 6 stepsH5 Support for FOC 3-Shunt and 1-ShuntAdd support of All MCUs part number...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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MCSDK documentation and your feedback

Motor Control Wiki: STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database - stm32mcuMC Frequently asked questions (FAQ):Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - stm32mcu   The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki:   Wi...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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Start-up failure every time

I am using the sensorless + PLL control scheme which requieres to pass a ramp a start-up. Allthough the motor runs smooth a start-up failure always occures at the final speed of the ramp. I tryed lowering the final speed to avoid this failure, but it...

MLang.7 by Associate III
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Resolved! Re: How to generate profiler firmware for 6.2

Hi Zied,After waiting patiently for MCSDK 6.2.0, I was overjoyed when it was finally released.However, I could not get the motor profiler to communicate with my board. It seems to require a proper firmware to be downloaded before it can run. It does ...

Jedijump by Associate III
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STM32 L476RG with IHM04A1

Hi, I have Nucleo L476RG with IHM04A1 shield. Also i have JK42HS34-0404 stepper motor. My question is how i can connect this and run? I read a lot of documentation, but i cant run it. Any help will be appreciated

Mexo by Associate
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TIMER Control

Hello   I am designing a controller that will drive a 3 phase BLDC 0.5kW motor. I choose STM32G474VET3 to generate the signaling with external gate driver and some beefy MOSFETs for that.   The MCU has advanced timer controller, and for my applicatio...

Mirza-AEC by Associate II
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Resolved! STC_CalcTorqueReference function

In the __weak int16_t STC_CalcTorqueReference(SpeednTorqCtrl_Handle_t *pHandle) function The original ST code contains the below line code.hMeasuredSpeed = SPD_GetAvrgMecSpeedUnit(pHandle->SPD);hError = hTargetSpeed - hMeasuredSpeed;hTorqueReference ...

SRedd.5 by Senior III
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how to calculte B-EMF constant from torch constant

Hi, I'm working with an Maxon 3-phase 1-pole BLDC motor, following is it's motor data table or attached file. the colum with red rectangle is the motor type we're now dealing with.I wondering how can we get the B-EMF constant in the MC workbench elec...

motor param 24V.png params.png
jflash by Associate II
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How to calculate the Ke?

I refer here: Below is the profiler's result. Ke=9.59 Vrms/kRPM.Below is my owm test.Vpp=13.6v,pole pairs=5,fbemf=83.33Hz. Ke=(13.6*5*100...

Setup_motor_parameters_manually-7.png 20231008160258.png TEK00107.PNG
gtop.1 by Associate III
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