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BLDC motor power limitation and battery current limitation

Associate III

I am trying to find a way to limit the total electrical power of the system when driving the motor in speed control mode.

With the help of API functions I can get the current power of the system:

Power_W = MPM_GetAvrgElMotorPowerW((MotorPowMeas_Handle_t*) pMPM[M1]);

I can also get the battery voltage:


and from this monitor the battery current as I = P/U.

But the question is how can I apply this so that my battery current never exceeds, for example, 10 amps or the power never exceeds 150 watts? Is there a technique for how I could limit exactly these energy parameters of the system?

Standard APIs

* - MC_ProgramSpeedRampMotor1()

* - MC_ProgramTorqueRampMotor1()

does not do this in any direct way, and the general initialization of the system allows you to limit only the phase current of the motor, but the phase current is not directly related to the energy parameters of the system.

I am using B-G431B-ESC1 board and MC SDK 5.Y.4