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Resolved! FX_IO_ERROR - STM32U5 with SD Card

Hi allI'm currently working on getting the SD Card Interface (SDMMC1) to run on my Nucleo U575 board. I'm adapting the Fx_uSD_File_Edit Example of the STM32U575I-EV board.I'm running into problems when it comes to opening the SD Card media. In fx_med...

MGuth.1 by Associate III
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xQueueSemaphoreTake() hangs for ever

Hi all,I have a problem on my current design. My setup... .I have a mqtt client connected to a broker. I use the lwip library together with freertos STMCube provides. So it's mainly default. I have one task for sending and receiving. Now all works fo...

MOtto.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! exFAT support for FileX on STM32U5

I'm testing out using an SD card on the STM32U575I-EV. The example project I'm using is from the STM32CubeU5 MCU package (Projects\STM32U575I-EV\Applications\FileX\Fx_uSD_File_Edit).I'm able to insert an SDHC (32GB; FAT32 format) card, see the green ...