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USB receive when pressed enter

Hello, I am trying to establish a USB communication between PC and a STM32 MCU. I want to receive an integer from a PC. (range of the integer is between 0 and 20.000). I added those lines:To usb_cdc_if.h :__weak void CDC_ReceiveCallBack(uint8_t *buf,...

GunkutA by Senior
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How to send UDP Data over USB

Hey guys,I am using a STM32F401RE nucleo board that does not have an ethernet port. However, I would like to send UDP Frames over the USB/serial port. Since I am new to this and there are no examples how to do it, I really appreciate your help. Has a...

JCorn.2 by Associate II
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hi,i programmed to interface USB from micro controller to PC, in PC using terminal software i try monitor the transmitted data, i tried with many terminal software(putty, hyperterminal, docklight, realterm) but i could not receive the data,but can re...

Cvadi.1 by Associate II
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Transmitting DATA using USB in STM32H743

Hi,I am having some problem transmitting data over USB.i'm transmitting '|' and '.' continuously but i'm missing some data when i receive data .i'm getting like "||.|.|.|..||||.|.|"I generated code using CubeMX. Even in reference manual there is no c...

VPras by Associate II
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