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Resolved! USB Device Custom HID Device cannot start on win10

Hi ST,I follow this video to implement my USB HID Project the Win7, it work perfect, but when I use Win10 as PC Host, it cannot workjust like bellow picture    Please Help ...

0693W000007CcmeQAC.png 0693W000007CcmjQAC.png 0693W000007CcmoQAC.png 0693W000007CcmtQAC.png
TWu.5 by Associate II
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TCP port number reused

I am using STM32 TCP Echo server client Cube IDE example. I have server and client device. I can connect first time successfully but when I reset the client, I get after 70 line in wireshark screenshot. How Can I solve this problem ? What is the reas...

DCtech by Associate II
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STM32F4 LWIP freezes after fixed send number

I'm using nucleo f429zi with LWIP v 2.1.2. Documentation states that for TX buffer PBUF_RAM should be used. In my case whole LWIP stack freeze after 28 send messages. When I change pbuf type to PBUF_POOL, everything works like a charm. Although in th...

Resolved! MCU serial number

For some reasons it will be good to write my own MCU serial number for USB purpose.. Is it possible to change seria number of hte MCU and how to do this...

MJova.1 by Associate II
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