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Hi I'm using STM32F030R8 and trying to communicate with atecc508a using I2C. The datasheet of atecc508a says that it needs a wake up command by transmitting 0x00 at its I2C address 0xC0.

I use the HAL library function to transmit the wake up command to its I2C address.#define I2C_ADDRESS 0xC0HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit(&hi2c1, I2C_ADDRESS, 0x00, 4, 1000)but my code always return HAL_ERROR and the chip never acknowledges. I'm fairly new t...

BNara.1 by Associate
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Serial Bootloader baudrate mismatch

We have a system with STM32L431CCU which gets its initial firmware through serial download (as described in AN3155). We use USART1 and applied pattern 6 as described in AN2606. The software on the host side (embedded linux system) is either stm32fla...

MW by Associate
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STM32F427 Reading UART

Hello!I'm doing an application in which my control board is I2C slave of my PC and my control board has to communicate with another board (let's call it test board) via UART.This test board uses custom UART text commands to perform tests on itself.Fo...

BBori.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L4 FreeRTOS+DMA2 Channel 4 problem

I am using STM32L496 Nucelo, CubeMX 6.1.1; FATFS, DMA SDMMC with FreeRtos. For some reason I have problems when it comes to using DMA2 Channel 4 with FreeRtos. When it is selected for SDMMC1_TX then I can mount SD card and read data without any probl...

kronikary by Associate III
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