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Resolved! How to use the mutex RTOS .

Hi, I want to synchronize the my threads execution using the is my code /*---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CMSIS-RTOS 'main' function template *-----------------------------------------------...

Trinu by Associate III
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Resolved! Example or guide to use LwIP PPPos ?

Hi,we are starting to learn about LwIP in order to create a http server in a stm32f4. At this moment we have a functional hardware that act as http client using a modem with AT Commands (the quectel MC60). However, now we have been asked to create a ...

DCajigal by Associate III
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Resolved! Application not loading after DFU:Leave

I am trying to program the STM32F401 flash on our board in DFU mode. I am using the dfu-util tool in my Linux computer.I am using the following code to flash and jump to application code.dfu-util -a 0 -s 0x08000000:leave -D <location-to-binary>.binAf...

PA.3 by Associate
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Question about CMSIS driver

I've download the CMSIS pack for STM32H7 series. ST implement an I2C driver function like this:​int32_t I2C_MasterTransmit (uint32_t addr, const uint8_t *data, uint32_t  num, bool  xfer_pending, I2C_RESOURCES *i2c), ​but the website, https://arm-soft...

JLee.32 by Associate III
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