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Resolved! Connect USBCDC to stdin

I have successfully connected USBCDC to stdout by redefining __io_putchar and can use printf to talk to a PC thru its virtual serial port but am not having any success with stdin (modifying __io_getchar). Anyone done this and can advise?

ETone by Associate III
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How can I dictate, without changing the task priorities, who gets the mutex/binary semaphore, when several tasks are waiting for it?

I'm implementing, using FreeRTOS, a simple communication protocol based on a 1-wire UART and a request-to-read pin. It has a master and a slave both of them can initiate a read from the other. If both the slave and master want to read at the same tim...

USB HOST library is not thread safe

USB HOST library is not thread safe (RTOS mode). Documentation UM1720 does not warn about it. It even gives false belief it is safe.5.3 Using the host library in RTOS mode[...]When the RTOS mode is used the host core background process runs as a sepa...

BDurs by Associate II
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How to change boot address on STM32L452

Hello,I wrote a program that exchanges the existing bootloader with an attached one.While this process works, it can be dangerous during the exchange due to power cut-off.So I would like to implement some safety measures in the code.Before deleting t...

she-peek by Associate II
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