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HAL UART Receive short reads - corrupt data

I am trying to implement a UART Rx using a typicalstart-byte, length, payloadpattern.I spin read on 1 character until it is my start byte. Then I read 2 bytes, shift them into a 16 bit length and read the remainder of the payload.The trouble is, the...

PCamp.2 by Associate III
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FileX, DMA, disable or manage cache?

HiIn the various filex with SDMMC examples the icache and dcache are enabled so when porting I did the same.I noticed when attempting to use DMA SPI it was not working until I disabled these. For the SD I then have to disable cache and cache manageme...

OHaza.1 by Associate III
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DFU programming error

If I use the DFU programming over USB with STM32CubeProgrammer, the error occurred and the device doesn't start properly, but if I download the same program with ST-LINK everything runs ok. The MCU is STM32 G473.I can connect the MCU over the USB, an...

PKola.1 by Associate II
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About the Tx_CMSIS_Wrapper example

I am new to STM32, been looking at it just a week, have an L4R9 Disco board. I am familiar with the CMSIS RTOS2 api, and have used RTX previously. Was interested to see the Tx_CMSIS_Wrapper example, as it shows how an RTOS2 facade is added to Azure R...

SMacl.1 by Associate II
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