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How to do authorization on STM32 and LWIP?

I want to implement authorization on STM32 and LWIP.I took this example it doesn't work. Session.html is available without authorizationWhat could b...

DK.7 by Senior
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Resolved! New Lib reentrant using C++ and RTOS

I am confused on the topic of new lib reentrant and RTOS.I use C++ and do some std::make_unique calls so malloc it's probably getting called under the hood.I have enabled the setting configUSE_NEWLIB_REENTRANT for RTOS and I am using heap_4 memory sc...

MC.5 by Associate
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Failed to execute .localhost:61234

Hi, i have recently purchased an STM32F746G-DISCO.i am very new to STM and compontents, but my manager would like me to try and build an interest with it. I followed a tutorial online, and i have followed the exact routes but i keep getting this erro...

JLythgoe by Associate
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STM32L4Q5 I am using the USB interface in Device mode (CDC Virtual Comms Port) and the My_CDC_Receive_FS() interrupt callback. How can exercise flow-control on the incoming USB data to give me time to process it?

In the callback I buffer the input read by the USBD_CDC_ReceivePacket() call and exit My_CDC_Receive_FS() asap, processing the incoming data in the backgroundSometimes, my input buffer fills, & I can't easily make it any larger or empty it any quicke...

AJohn.10 by Associate
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