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Resolved! Ethernet connectivity issue STM32H7

Hello everyone, I have been working with stm32h747xih6 MCU for a while now. I'm trying to establish ethernet communication with the MCU. if (netif_is_link_up(&gnetif)) { /* When the netif is fully configured this function must be called */ ...

Aarra.1 by Senior
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osMemoryPoolDelete or osMemoryPoolFree ?

Hi,I have allocated memory pool for my doubly linked list using osMemoryPoolNewI want to be able to insert and delete nodes to the doubly linked list. My question is , When I am deleting the node I am unsure if I have to using osMemoryPoolDelete or o...

RDodd.1 by Associate II
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Trouble programming flash with HAL_FLASH_Program

I have troubles writing succesfully to flash on a STM32G07 chip.The application is similar to this:uint64_t data;HAL_FLASH_Unlock();HAL_FLASH_Program(FLASH_TYPEPROGRAM_DOUBLEWORD, addr, data);HAL_FLASH_Lock();I started getting hardfault in lock becau...

TMalt by Associate II
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Resolved! H743 USB and Ethernet conflict

Hi!My problem is, that i use a H743 with Eth and USB configured.Ethernet works fine, till i set up the usb. When i turn on the usb, than the ethernet stops working, because it didn't recognises the messages from eth. The usb is configured in usb_devi...

DB.7 by Associate II
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