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How is it possible to modify “tracex_custom.trxc�? to customize TraceX User Events when Azure RTOS TraceX installed through Microsoft Store?

Description:In ThreadX, it is possible to create custom TraceX User Events with: tx_trace_user_event_insert()This feature is explained in this artice: Chapter 10 - Customer user events…here:

SS13 by Associate II
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Resolved! Hello, Is there an example for the STM32H7 ETH HAL V11.0 (new reworked ETH driver) without the LWIP. All the example i found are coupled with the LWIP. Thanks.

Following function are tied to the LWIP functions and i do not want to use any LWIP etc...How to bypass that ?void HAL_ETH_RxAllocateCallback(uint8_t **buff) { struct pbuf_custom *p = LWIP_MEMPOOL_ALLOC(RX_POOL); if (p) { /* Get the buff fr...

FB__1 by Associate II
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USB HS MSC ULPI speed optimization

Hi I finaly got my EMMC/SD Card project running. I can read write to my EMMC with ~30 MB/s on a stm32F4. At the moment my USB is too slow. In the forum I read that first thing to do is to multiply MSC_MEDIA_PACKET by 2,4,8, .... THe problem is that a...

MK..1 by Associate III
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