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1. Does STM32U575 support Zephyr RTOS? 2. Does STM32U5A9 support Zephyr RTOS? 3. How can we port the Zephyr to STM32U5A9 if STM32U5A9 doesn't support it?

1. We found that STM32U575 is on the supported list of Zephyr. Does it mean that STM32U575 support Zephyr RTOS?2. We cannot find the STM32U5A9 on the supported list of Zephyr. Does STM32U5A9 support Zephyr RTOS?3. How can we port the Zephyr to STM32U...

VLi.3 by Associate
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Resolved! LwIP up-to-date examples

The examples and documentation provided with STM32CubeIDE are dated year 2015. Is there any repository with current versions examples? Could ST provide within STM32CubeIDE up-to-date examples?I searched dozens of links into this forum and I am not ab...

JMarq.1 by Associate III
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USB host for full-speed HID

Posted on December 17, 2011 at 18:26Has anyone try to implement USB host for full-speed HID joystick (like Logitech)?I try to use code from STM32F105/7 and STM32F2xx Host and device library (UM1021). It works fine with low-speed joystick (noname), b...

Can we mount the two devices i.e SD Card and USB as host at a same time using FATFS in STM32H743VITX. I want send data from SD card to USB drive when the usb is detected.

Hi,I am using STM32H743VITX controller in my project. The main problem is , the file which i want to store in USB drive is get stored in SD card & usb drive not have any file. Also, both drive show same toatal size & free space.I already created diff...

Interrupt Mode HAL Delay

Hello I am newbie to embedded word.  I am trying to learn interrupt for GPIO on NUCLEO-F091RC. I set the User Button as interrupt and LED should toggle as button is pressed. I copied the callback function ( HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Callback) in main.c . Under c...

Nico3 by Senior
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