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ethernet to work on nucleo-h753

i have the nucleo-h753 evolution board , and i want to activate the ethernet port to perform udp client .i want the implementation without FREERTOS  i followed the steps described in the link below :

abeba.1 by Associate II
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LWIP and FreeRTOS using Nucleo-144 F429zi

Hi, I am using STM32f429zi nucleo-144 board to configure Ethernet using LWIP and FreeRTOS. But my program doesn't execute after "MX_LWIP_Init();" in the StartDefaultTask. What could be the issue? It halts on the below function inside queue.c.Function...

SSala.3 by Associate III
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tcp-client implementation

Need help.I have a problem with the implementation of the tcp-client. I use STM32H7, FreeRTOS, LWIP (netconn). As a tcp- server - the Hercules terminal.Situation 1. The tcp-server (Hercules) is waiting for a connection. The tcp-client starts. The con...

dis_stv by Associate
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SVC is not pending

I have a question about SVC.I am currently implementing an OS service call using an SVC.When other interrupts and SVC interrupts occur at the same time and the other interrupts are executed first, it seems that the SVC interrupts are not pending.In o...

Myasu.1 by Senior
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Hello, I'm working on a project related to SPWM modulation for inverters, I´m using two timers, TIM1(CH1,CH3) as a PWM signals and TIM2(CH1) as a trigger signal for the adc module, the sample frequency is set to 72kHz. I need to read 4 adc channels u...

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JaVerdin by Associate
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