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ADC channel accuracy issue on STM32F030F4P6

I recently have been working on a custom board with the stm32f030f4p6 for a gas sensor project, I just got it to bootload successfully and blink some LEDs so now I'm using the ADC channel to read values from it and converting it to a voltage level fo...

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DRicc.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! SPI works only one time. STM32L4xx CMSIS

Hi,I am facing a strange issue with the configurations of the SPI. I have an external module which I am communicating with that with SPI2. In order to read its ID I am driving the CS pin low send the command to the device receive the data and CS pin ...

Mass storage Issue STM32H7

Hello, With windows 11 and Ux_Device _MSC example,  the transfer from the STM32H735G-DK evaluation board to the PC stop near 80% with a big file (500Mo). When the bug appears, In the  “_ux_device_class_storage_request_sense” file,  the « storage -> u...


USB device mode enumeration

Hi,I am using STM32L4R9 USB along with STUSB1600 in device mode only. I get the device connect interrupt USBD_LL_DevConnected when USB host is connected either DM DP lines are connected or not. I need to detect if connection and enumeration on USB ho...

P..1 by Associate
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How to transmit a printf to RTT Viewer.

Hi together,i am searching for a equivalent of the J-Link RTT-Viewer, on which i can display something for demonstration purposes. It is to simply demonstrate that i connection can work just like a in-built Segger J-Link. FYI: I am using a NUCLEO-C03...


Hello ST,For our project, I want to broadcast a character with property "CHAR_PROP_BROADCAST" and I created it using the function aci_gatt_add_char(). But the function fails to add this character.In other case, when i change the property to "CHAR_PRO...