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STM32H5 UART DMA Error Recovery

Hello, I am working on a project using DMA and UART HD to communicate between multiple MCUs.  I have an issue where when one MCU starts up, it momentarily interrupts the UART HD bus and sometimes causes a UART and/or DMA error.Since I am using the ST...

DPade.1 by Associate III
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I2c Xfer Options Explanations

I am looking at the definition ST gives for each of the Xfer options, but so far none of them really are making sense to me. First off, what is Sequential usage vs non-sequential usage and how does this apply for the following:I2C_FIRST_AND_LAST_FRAM...

tomm5771 by Associate II
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sdcard not working

we are using stm32f103c8t6 and stm32f407vet6 microcontrollers. we were able to communicate with sandisk and other brand sdcards but hp sdcard (Class 10, UHS-I, U1) is not communicating . hp sdcard working with card reader and we have formatted in FAT...

sdcards hp.png
Sansel by Associate
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Resolved! USB virtual COM port does not work when debugging

Hello, I am trying to debug my vcp application (uses STM32F103CBT6), but when I start a debug session the COM port does not work. When not debugging, just uploading a new code, the cdc communication only works after a power reset. I modified my custo...

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PSzab.1 by Associate II
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