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As of version 1.12.0, HAL_RTC_Init uses a macro named __HAL_RTC_IS_CALENDAR_INITIALIZED. It is defined as follows:#define __HAL_RTC_IS_CALENDAR_INITIALIZED(__HANDLE__) ((((RTC->ISR) & (RTC_ISR_INITS)) == RTC_ISR_INITS) ? 1U : 0U)I suppose it should r...

LWChris by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32U5A5 HS Example

Hi guys.Im trying to port an application from STM32F4 over to U5A5.On the F4 i used an external usb hs phy. I was extremely delighted to find out that the new U5 has an integrated hs phy, only to see that:1. No more ST stack in cubemx. Ok, found a gi...

PMera.1 by Associate II
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[STM32H753] CRYP FIFOs flush for AES

Hello,According to the Reference Manual v8 of STM32H753 one has to to flush the FIFO to perform a cipher operation:  The STM32Cube source code example is not doing this flush for AES-GCM (it does the flush for DES and TDES)I implemented my code like ...

Gpeti by Senior II
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hi..I have tried all the ways to read ADC values as I found that using PA11(ADC_IN15) and PA12(ADC_IN16) is the issue.I tried setting up non configured mode  with polling and also DMA (as per CubeG0 examaples) I couldnt able to read the values. Can a...

meena by Associate III
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Resolved! ADC_Reading same values

I have programmed STMG030k8T6 MCU in a prototypeChannels used ADC_IN_0 as T_sense  ADC_IN_15 AS BattMonif I am calling any one of the function I am getting exact values what i measure in hardwareBut if i called them both only reading values from CH 0...

SRAM11_0-1701103048704.png SRAM11_1-1701103092703.png SRAM11_2-1701103141318.png
SRAM.11 by Associate III
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OV7670 FIFO Camera Wiring

Hi,I am working on the OV7670 FIFO camera module with NUCLEO-H745ZI-Q board. My purpose is taking the image data and saving SD card via BMP format. I tried a lot of codes from github and Youtube but it didn't work. Finally I found the Udemy course vi...


stm32F767 SDRAM bootloader

Hi, I am currently trying to implement a bootloader that runs from the internal flash and performs the following functions:1. copy application binary file to the SDRAM ( 0xC0000000)2. Jump to main application.So far I can copy the binary from the ext...

CFranco by Associate
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I am unable to connect board in STM programmer

Hello Team,I am unable to connect STM32H745 DISC board to STM programmer to erase the code, Also in STM cube ide software unable flash code, can you confirm how to check the read protection.PLEASE find attachment encloser.  Best Regards,Gagan Gowda  

ggowd.1 by Associate III
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