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USB Dual VCOM Composite Device

Hi,I managed to implement a dual VCOM composite device for an STM32H7. In principal the communication works, if both COM ports are actively used/open. One port is used for sending commands and receiving responses. The other one sends out unsolicited ...

DWeb_2 by Associate III
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regarding libriaries

hi all,i have a sensor and i am have a library for arduino i want to convert .c and .h file that is suits to stm32wb55rgv6 can any one suggest that how to do this 

vijay3 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H5 ETH TX DMA error

Hi,    I'm working on enabling ETH on STM32H563. I tried to create a FW to do basic ping/ICMP in order to test the interface along with the PHY/switch chip. I found whenever I start the DMA by calling HAL_ETH_Transmit, it always returns HAL_ERROR due...

Resolved! Is HAL_UART_Transmit atomic per byte?

(STM32F103C8)My program continuously sends UART messages with regular blocking calls like this:   HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart1, buf, size, timeout);   The result on my logic analyzer normally looks like: I also handle interrupts coming from HAL_SPI_TxRx...

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iforce2d by Associate III
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