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Hello, Is it possible to add these in the CubeMX?1. FDCAN filters, like: sFilterConfig.IdType = FDCAN_STANDARD_ID; sFilterConfig.FilterIndex = 0; sFilterConfig.FilterType = FDCAN_FILTER_DUAL; sFilterConfig.FilterConfig = FDCAN_FILTER_TO_RXFIFO...
I saw in X-CUBE-DPOWER that it is compatible with STEVAL-ISA172V3 with STM32G474RET6 in LQFP64. 
There is a new Digital Power software expansion pack for STM32Cube, X-CUBE-DPOWER. anyone know if the default code generated will immediately work on STEVAL-ISA172V2?
Hello,I am a newbie in struct.I have a struct declaration below.typedef struct __serial_data { uint8_t frameStart; uint32_t data; } serial_data;   serial_data mydata[25];but frameStart is allocated 32bit in memory and this causes trouble when sendi...
Can the Vienna be modified easily to become a single phase? Just curious if anyone has done it before.
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