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SD card interfacing with stm32l432kc

Hi, I am using STM32l432kc board with sd card module. I have 16gb class 10 sd card.  I have used cubemx ide for coding and configuration purpose. I am using @ and also s...

kushal by Associate
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NUCLEO-F401RE question

I am only used to writing C scripts on RPi, so I'd like to apologize in advance if I left something vague.I was looking to use ISPU for LSM6DSO16IS and the website recommended NUCLEO-F401RE as one of the options for developing the project. I am think...

el659 by Associate III
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Problems starting debug of F439ZI

Hi, I sometimes get this error when starting a Debug on an F439ZIError in final launch sequence: Failed to start GDB serverFailed to start GDB serverError in initializing ST-LINK device.Reason: (5) Unknown MCU found on target. Unplugging and repluggi...

alanb by Associate
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Resolved! UART Communication Issue

Hi, I am using G474RE nucleo board and I want to communicate between the UARTs available on the board (UART2,UART1 and UART3). Message is not transmitting complete in to UART1 from UART2 and same with UART3 from UART1 

VGani.1 by Associate II
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Reference schematic - STM32F103VET6 MCU

Dear team,We are currently in the process of designing a custom board centered around the STM32F103VET6 MCU. Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate a reference schematic that features this specific MCU. We kindly request the following informati...

sivam by Associate II
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STM32 programming interface

Hi All,We are using MCU STM32F427ZIT7 for one for our products. We uses serial programming mode to program flash. Below is an interface with  10 pinNow we are using below MCU for another application.STM32F030C8T6TRFirst one is F4 version and later is...

AVM1 by Associate
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