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programming using CLI taking a lot more time than using ST-LINK utility

Associate III

Hi everyone,

First, here is my set up:

  • computer: windows 10
  • uC: STM32F030K6T6
  • flashing/debugging hardware tool: ST LINK v2 ( from nucleo board)

I have noticed that it takes almost 30 secs to do same operation using CLI (wether directly launching a batch file or launching it from labview) whereas it takes only few second using STL LINK utility.


I would like to reach same speed because I want to automize the programming sequence.

Do you have any idea that might help ?

Here is the batch content, just in case: 

cd c:\prog_config_serie
ST-LINK_CLI.exe -P C:\prog_config_serie\NextPM_EFS_FB42_23-02-2024.bin 0x08000000 -V while_programming
ST-LINK_CLI.exe -Rst

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Please try the CubeProgrammer CLI.

Ok, this work better: it takes only 2 seconds to mass erase, reprogrammation and verify. Thank you !

Several questions by the way:

  • why CLI is longer than ST-link utility ? is there any fundamuntal reason ?
  • what's the fundamuntal difference between CLI and CubeProgrammer CLI ?

Best regards,

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

#1: no idea

#2: the first is no longer supported, the second is.