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ST-LINK server - what is it?

Hi,I stumbled on the ST-LINK server in the ST website ( was hoping it's their cross-platform GDB-server, supporting Windows/Linux.The popular st-util (by stlink) doesn't satisfy my needs.S...

Resolved! Pin 1 and 2 on STDC14 of STLINK-V3SET

Is it ok to connect boot0 from STM32 (with a 10k pulldown to GND) to one of pin 1 or 2 on STDC14 from STLINK-V3SET?The pins are 'reserved' regarding to the STLINK-V3SET manual p. 23 with the comment 'Do not connect on target' The boot0 should be igno...

BWate.1 by Associate
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ST link is not detected on windows 7

i am using windows 7 os and i have installed stm32cube(1.4) ide and i tried to flash the software to the discovery board but it is not flashed since it has been showing "ST link not detected!please connect ST-Link and restart the program".even i didn...

VPuvv.1 by Associate
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Soldering to programming points?

Sorry all, I'm new to these little STM32 things, and I'm having trouble. I'm using the supplied 22 gauge wire to try and connect one to another's programming pads on the board, but they are so small and close together that I cannot figure it out. I p...

CG.1 by Associate
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