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STLink V3 kit STDC14 connection.

Associate III

Hi, I'm making a board on which I want to use the STDC14 connector of the STlink V3 programmer for the SWO interface of my MCU.

But I have some questions about the pinout, in the manual I find this table:

0693W00000Y7gU8QAJ.png1 - PIN 3 (T_VCC): this pin must be connected to the power supply of my board or is it a power supply that comes from stlinkv3? My board is powered externally, should I connect this pin to my board's VCC or should I leave it unconnected?

2 - PIN 11 (GNDDetect): I don't understand what this pin is for, should I connect it to the ground of my board or should I leave it unconnected?

Last question, where can I find a reference schematic for SWO interface with ESD protections and short circuit protections and all necessary protections?

Thanks in advance.

  1. see (2) : connect, is input to test VCC
  2. dont know. i didnt connect.
  3. see:

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