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Resolved! How to write plain intel hex to flash?

Hi,I would like to copy the exact contents of a hex file to the flash memory of my f446 nucleo, complete with byte count, address info ....Is there any way to do this? Using ST-Link I can only find options to actually flash the hex file or manually a...

Digital inputs in STM32 boards ?

I am working on reading an External 3 bit parallel CMOS ADC (4-8 MSPS)(from MAX2771 board or Eva KIT) GNSS digital output. I want to read this digital output pins using the NUCLEO-H723ZG, I do not know if there is digital inputs pin in the board ?if ...

AElta.1 by Associate II
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Failed to start GDB server Error in initializing ST-LINK device. Reason: (4) No device found on target.

Hello, I am using an STM32G031 Nucleo 32 board. Everything worked well. Following break point I lost the gdb server connection. Unable to reconnect, I made an update of the driver st link. I started under reset, reinstalled an old st link driver... I...


Resolved! ST-Link/V2 cannot detect STM32 target

I have bought a new ST-Link/V2 from Digikey a while back and have only recently gotten the chance to use it. But every time I try uploading code to my geniune WeAct F411CEU6 board using SWD I get the error code "Error: No STM32 target found!". I don...

JTurn.2 by Senior
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Resolved! Extremely high current draw in L031K6T7

I'm running into an issue while designing a relatively simple custom board with an L031K6T7, where after programming it the current draw exceeds 200mA and eventually breaks to the current limit of the power supply at 800mA.When I assemble the board t...

Alec1 by Associate II
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