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Manual configuration of motor parameters.

Associate II

Hello. Trying to profile one of my engines with the ST Motor Pilot Tool (profiler) V1.2.9. Without any success.

I have seen this warning in the STM32 Motor Control FAQ section.
The STM32 MC motor profiler has the following limitation: it cannot profile motors with Rs < 1 Ω or Ls < 1 mH.

If you still face problems, profile your motor manually using the following procedure.

Since my engine met these characteristics.
I have calculated the electrical parameters of the motor following this tutorial and also the tektronix application note (Capacitance and Inductance
Measurements Using an Oscilloscope
and a Function Generator).
Now I would like to be able to use the engine profiler to obtain the mechanical parameters of the engine.

Can it be done somehow with the profiler or can i calculate ir manually?

Thank you so much.