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Resolved! Is There a Way to Hack USB-PD on STM32G030K8?

Hi All, I designed my board with a STM32G0 series MCU with the main intention of using its USB-PD peripheral. I later realized that it is only the STM32G0x1 series MCUs would be capable of USB-PD while I will be receiving a board turn with an STM32G0...

NYou.1 by Associate II
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USB-C set voltage

Hi,I have a NUCLEO-L552ZE-Q board and I am practicing/learning the USB-C protocol. All I need is to set the voltage of USB-C to a higher voltage that the charger is capable of. The default is set to 5v.In my situation, the adapter can supply up to 12...

ashah.16 by Associate II
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X-CUBE-STL library for STM32U5

Hi, we're transitioning our platform from a STM32F412 to a STM32U575, and in our project we are currently using the X-CUBE-STL libraries to perform runtime safety monitoring functions.It seems that the package does not yet support the STM32U5 family....

SBone.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! Unable to activate UCPD Trace in STM32G431

Hi,​ I have tried many times to get a trace using STM32CubeMonitor-UCPD 1.2.0 with my board without success. I have tried with both RTOS and without. The USAR1 is connected to an FTDI usb serial cable but the board doesn't show up In the monitor....

Correa by Associate II
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