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Resolved! USBPD_ERROR in USBPD_DPM_InitCore

I generated my code by stm32cubemx,version6.1.2, and use ucpd2 as sink&dead battery,. But got USBPD_ERROR in USBPD_DPM_InitCore after execute " CHECK_PE_FUNCTION_CALL(USBPD_PE_Init(USBPD_PORT_0, (USBPD_SettingsTypeDef *)&DPM_Settings[USBPD_PORT_0], &...

LOMO by Associate III
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Resolved! USB audio type I IEEE_FLOAT descriptor

Hi all,I am using a STM32H7 and I implemented a composite usb device (CDC + AUDIO recording) using IAD interface descriptor.I can successfully configure the audio interface as type I PCM (I tested both 16 and 32 bit), but if I try to configure the au...

AGhez by Associate III
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Resolved! Query regarding Classb library

Hello Support TeamI am working on a single-phase EV charging product. and I have seen a certain metering solution on the STM website.For Communication and Application purposes, we selected the below MCU1. STM32G484QET62. STM32G473VET6 3. STM32G491RET...

Hi everyone, I'm looking to design and develop a USB Audio Interface using STM32F4xx series MCUs that could ideally record up to 16 channels of analog audio signals, convert and send to a PC / MAC via USB.

If anyone is familiar with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW's), you can then select the type of audio input device in the application, to then choose which channel to monitor and record.I'm familiar with the process of how to record the incoming audio...

cackland by Associate
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