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Which STM32 MCU can play voice prompts and audio files (.mp3 or wav) stored on a micro SD card with digital volume control and without external DAC?

I paid someone and she came up with a solution using STM32F103 and claims that it works for wav files using PWM and low pass filter with a digital attenuator. It didn't, and 1 year on I am still looking for the right MCU and the right solutionUM1642...

EKwon.2 by Associate
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Resolved! Is there an example for the ll_ucpd driver?

I am developing on the STM32U5 family and i need to use UCPD. As far as I know the UCPD middleware is no supported on this family, so I need to implement my functionality using the LL driver for the UCPD module. I am not experienced with usb power de...

STM32 Alexa Voice Services Solution

I am interested in developing Alexa built-in device using your solution mentioned in the Link.But this link also mentioned that "Amazon decided to maintain AVS for IoT system for existing products only. This solution can’t be used to develop a new pr...

RPanc.1 by Associate
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Dual Bank boot in STM32U585

Hello Support Team.We are considering MCU STM32U585(TrustZone) as per our product requirements. It contains Ultra-low-power Arm Cortex-M33 processor.Our application contains safety-critical and non-safety-critical code.We will provide CRC of safety-c...

JShah.7 by Associate III
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Resolved! Trying to de-initialize the USBPD library

I'm using ST's USBPD middleware library and have it successfully working as both a source and a sink. However, I have a use case where I will need to de-initialize the USBPD library and reset the state machine back to it's initial state. Ideally when...

RHelv.1 by Associate II
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