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MCSDK 6.3.0 is out!

Dear MCSDK users, MCSDK version 6.3 is now available: Download It here. Here are the main changes for this version: Motor Control Features: FOCAdded C0 single shunt topology support.6StepThis algorithm has been enhanced on MCSDK version 6.3 release ...

GMA by ST Employee
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Board Manager documentation is out !

The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki, this documentation is compatible with version 6.1.2 of the MCSKD. Board Descriptions are used by the ST motor-control workbench to enable users to configur...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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MCSDK documentation and your feedback

Motor Control Wiki: STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database - stm32mcuMC Frequently asked questions (FAQ):Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - stm32mcu   The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki:   Wi...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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Resolved! How can I stop the motor urgently?

Hello.I am testing using MCSDK 6.2.0 on EVSPIN32G4 board.I've checked the operation of the motor using the start/stop button.The problem takes approximately 3 seconds or more to stop during operation at a maximum speed of 16000 rpm.I want to stop urg...

Elliot95 by Associate II
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Resolved! Rotor position intermittent missing

I have generated the code with workbench 6.1.2 planning to migrate to 6.2.0 but meanwhile i am finding one issue consistently. I am using digital hall sensors and i am constantly getting a gap as below in the rotor angle after every some duration. Is...

SRedd5_0-1696586362777.png SRedd5_1-1696586503875.png
SRedd.5 by Senior III
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Resolved! pmsm motor control boards

Looking for a motor control board for test and evaluation of low voltage hub motors 48-80Vdc and 50-100A or at least something in tens of Amperes range; I have found that Matlab/Simulink suggests a combination of Nucleo-G474re Board X-NUCLEO-IHM07M1...

rondik by Associate
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There is no documentation provided for the REV_PARK_ANGLE_COMPENSATION_FACTOR variable in the code.hElAngle += SPD_GetInstElSpeedDpp(speedHandle)*REV_PARK_ANGLE_COMPENSATION_FACTOR;What is the purpose of this variable? i searched in the documentation...

SRedd.5 by Senior III
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Start up motor in STC_SPEED_MODE issue

Hello everyoneI'm trying to control a motor using STC_SPEED_MODE. There's a problem at startup: I program a ramp (for example i would like to obtain 6000RPM), motor start to rotate and accelerate, but speed reach maximum speed for the motor (for exam...

Resolved! If Motor Profiler will open source?

I often use Motor Profiler to identify motors.But it is not good.Sometimes my motor cannot be recognized when using 48V and I have to reduce the supply voltage to 36V.Here I would like to ask whether it will be open sourced. I want to understand the ...

gtop.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! EVSPIN32F02Q1S1 Fail note when connected to PC

Hello, I recently purchased EVSPIN32F02Q1S1 and attempted to flash it with the FOC firmware generated through MotorControl Workbench 6.1.2. However, I was unable to upload the code onto the board and instead greeted with the following message in Cube...

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kenni by Associate
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