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Board Manager documentation is out !

The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki, this documentation is compatible with version 6.1.2 of the MCSKD. Board Descriptions are used by the ST motor-control workbench to enable users to configur...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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MCSDK 6.2.0 is out!

Dear MCSDK users, MCSDK version 6.2 is now available: Download It here.Here are the main changes for this version:Hardware Compatibility : C0 Support for FOC 3-Shunt and 6 stepsH5 Support for FOC 3-Shunt and 1-ShuntAdd support of All MCUs part number...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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MCSDK documentation and your feedback

Motor Control Wiki: STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database - stm32mcuMC Frequently asked questions (FAQ):Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - stm32mcu   The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki:   Wi...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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Resolved! STEVAl-CTM006V1 motor profiling.

Hi,please advice with the issue of motor profiling.mcsdk: 6.2.1control board: nucleo-g474reBridge: XNUCLEO-IHM09M2Power Board: STEVAL-CTM009V1Motor: Motenergy ME1304 How can I run motor profiler for this setup?MC Workbench does not allow to generate ...

Acim Gui

Hello;I haven't found the ACIMGUI under the files or Motor workbench. Can i take old version or recently versions links?  

STEVAL-CTM011 Error by code generation

Greetings. I need help because when generating the evaluation code for the STEVAL-CTM011V1A it always gives me an error.I follow all the steps in UM2962 and I can't get the evaluation board to work. I attach a screenshot of the moment when said error...

PGinhson by Associate III
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Resolved! STEVAL-CTM01xV1 firmware

Hi.I have the IDE with the STEVAL-CTM01xV1 shunt_FOC and downloaded on the Board. As the example came, the motor doesen't work.I opened the main.c file and I could see that it does not have any function inside the main while(1) loop. How could I have...

PGinhson by Associate III
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Resolved! Sensorless FOC control via MC Workbench

I recently purchased the FOC motor development kit, and am learning to use it to control BLDC motors.  Disclaimer: I am totally new to STM32 hardware, but I have experience developing with both Arduino and esp32 in C/C++.  Any good sources for gettin...

ccut93 by Associate II
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