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Internal RTC resetting on shutdown mode

Hi, I have a device using an STM32U575 and I'm using the internal RTC to keep date and time, due to it being battery operated it goes into shutdown mode for most of it's operating time. The problem I'm having is that the RTC loses it's date and time ...

BKrug.1 by Associate II
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How to make websocket server implementation?

Hello,I have project with h ttp server working but now I need to add Websocket protocol to display some data in a real time. I need to make WS server on my STM32. Unfortunately I didn't find any working example of WS protocol on STM32 implemented. Do...

GKot.2 by Associate
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Issue using osThreadFlagsWait() function

Trying to use osThreadFlagsWait() in my command handler for command processing thread to save CPU utilization and seeing issue where system gets stall.====================while (1) {  int cnt = getcmd();  if (cnt >= 0) {    process_command();  } else...

aahsan by Associate III
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