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Resolved! STM32H7 LWIP examples

Hi everyone,I have been trying to just test the ethernet on the STM32H743zi nucleo board.The problem is that the example does not compile in any way. I assume it's because I am using the very obscure, not intended for STM32, atollic true studio and t...

LAfon by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32F030C8 Embedded system memory bootloader

Dears,I need help with this function; I can't enter system memory bootloader using the jump function{void(*systemMemoryJump)(void);/* pointer to function */ volatile uint32_t add = 0x1FFFEC00 ; HAL_RCC_DeInit();  /* disable systick timer */ SysTick->...

Tiny USB library on STM32F4 in host mode?

Anyone has used Tiny USB library successfully on STM32F4 in host mode?How to integrate it with recent Cube drivers (ver 1.21 or newer)? I could not find the info in their documentation or examples, only a mention that it works on STM32F407 Discovery...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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Bootloader and functions in ITCM

Hello,I am trying to port some code from another ARM into the STM32H7.Currently I am going about the bootloader we have.I have just quickly scanned through the application datas and some searches so I am not very into the ST system bootloader. But wh...

LAfon by Associate III
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