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Linker error after usb was added to project

Hi, last week I had my project working perfectly in Keil generated from STM32 Cube Mx 4.7, i'm using an STM32F103C8T6 for an univercity project. Per a professor request i had to add usb communication with a serial monitor, so i went and adde...

MPera by Associate
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Create HTTP client with STM32F746G board

Hello,i want to make my STM32 board as client and create GET/POST request to my server running remotely using Ethernet present on the board. i have got an lwip example which explains the process of making board as a server not a client.

RShar.9 by Senior
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PPPos LWIP in STM32 not connecting?

I have followed this link to implement PPPos in STM32. I changed the modem to "data mode" and then started PPP Connection. The modem communicating but the status callback throws PPPERR_CONNEC...

Hi, trying to read and write files into spi flash 1megaByte through msc configured usb. I keep getting , unable to complete format when plugging usb to pc.

spi flash driver is tested and working fine.///////////////////////////usbd_stoarge_if.c////////////////////////////////#define STORAGE_LUN_NBR         1#define STORAGE_BLK_NBR         0x200    #define STORAGE_BLK_SIZ         256int8_t STORAGE_Read_F...

svii by Associate III
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