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I am porting a project from stm32f072 to stm32L412 and I am having the link errors listed below. I can't even locate where the symbols are defined.

Error: L6200E: Symbol __asm___18_system_stm32l4xx_c____REV16 multiply defined (by .\system_stm32l4xx_1.o and .\system_stm32l4xx.o).Error: L6200E: Symbol __asm___18_system_stm32l4xx_c____REVSH multiply defined (by .\system_stm32l4xx_1.o and .\system_s...

MKass.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H745 CM4 with CMSIS DSP Library Procedure

I wanted to implement FIR filter and FFT using Cortex M4 in Dual Core STM32H745 Device. Is there any procedure document or application note available to implement by generating from STM32Cube IDE ?Filter Coefficients can be generated from MATLAB filt...

YSN by Senior
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Custom hid input report descriptor

Hi folks,I have a stm32f411 with custom hid running smoothly. But if i change a value in the report descriptor data transmission stops working.I want to change the descriptor cause i want to send more data to the host.Here is the descriptor which wor...

MHovi.1 by Associate II
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X-CUBE-CELLULAR: how to work with STM32H7 (M7) ?

Hi, friends.I am making X-CUBE-CELLULAR working on STM32H750 hardware with follow function:USART1 for print DEBUGUSART2 for LTE CELLUAR (with lwip)ETH RMII enabled (with freertos_plus_tcp)QSPI enabledI am building amazon FreeRTOS worked on my ...

saico by Associate II
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