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Resolved! STM32H735G-DK STLINK no STLINK USB enumeration.

Hi,I just bought STM32H735G-DK and USB is not working out of the box.I have put jumper on STLK but device is not getting detected on PC(LD6 red/green dim lit).There are no new devices in device manager when plugged in.Board is running original progra...

BKrak.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H743 unreliable micro SD transfers

Hello all,I have worked through a number of issues with the SDMMC system and am currently stuck with not being able to reliably transfer from micro SD. I wrote test code to repeatedly read a file from the external card. In some cases HAL_SD_ErrorCall...

AHigg by Associate II
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STM32 Bootloader over USART with pin swapping

Hello All,Using STM32H743, I designed a board to use USART1 as the debug interface so that I could also bootload to this port. I am using an FTDI chip to create a virtual COM port. The problem is that I swapped the TX/RX pins in the design and had to...

JMill.1 by Associate III
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LWIP -SRAM Ping Issue

Hi,I am working STM3240G-Eval Board. Integrated LWIP and able to ping without any issues. Followed the FSMC_SRAM_DataMemory example to change the data memory sram and I am able to allocate variable in SRAM. Now the issue is not able to ping. Please h...

HPras.3 by Associate
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Resolved! debugger stops after HAL_TIM_Base_Start_IT .

Created a new STM32 project for STM32G030K8 without modifications, when i run the debugger debugger stops working after HAL_TIM_Base_Start_IT..I have selected TIM14 as timebase source as i'm using RTOS.Why does the debugger stops in a new STM32 cube ...

0693W00000Hpsy1QAB.png 0693W00000Hpt1sQAB.png 0693W00000Hpt1nQAB.png 0693W00000Hpt1iQAB.png
sde c.1 by Senior II
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Resolved! I want to implement a single functions that continuously controls two or more output peripheral all at once. Which is a proper way to achieve that?

I'm working on G030C6 MCU.I have written a program that takes input from multiple sensors and based on the input (true/false) give output to other peripherals. Input is taken from polling therefore all the functions are written in main while loop. I'...

GSaw by Associate II
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How to abort HAL_I2C_Slave_Transmit_IT

HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit_IT can be aborted via HAL_I2C_Master_Abort_IT.But how to abort HAL_I2C_Slave_Transmit_IT?There does not appear to be a corresponding abort function.If a callback complete does not occur, the software should be capable of abort...