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STM32G0 Unstable LSI frequency

Dear Everyone,We use STM32G0B0 MCU and in errata there's a section from the unstable LSI frequency. In some case the LSI frequency about 48 kHz. The workaround not work, after backup domain reset, the LSI frequency still about 48 kHz. My theory is th...

Resolved! EtherCAT on STM32

I wanna implement Master and Slave ethercat protocol on stm32h7 series. Is there any examples available on subject?. Where should i start. Any resources?

USB CDC flushing TX buffer

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 15:52A brief introduction to this problem:STM32F7 is configured for USB Device FS. USB interface is used to transmit a large array of data from MCU to computer. If, by any chance user closes the Virtual Com Port of MC...

Resolved! ADC "volatile uint16_t" data

I am using STM32F407G.I am attaching a main.c (that use DMA) that reads simultaneously the voltage coming from 3 potentiometers connected to 3 channels of ADC.In the code, if you try to change "volatile uint16_t adc_value[3]" to "volatile uint32_t ad...

luke514 by Senior
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Resolved! USBPD Library missing usbpd_lowpower.h

 Hello,I am using the STM32 USBPD Library in a DRP battery bank application, and want to reduce idle power consumption. In the documentation and source files, there is mention of a usbpd_lowpower.h file but I cannot find this file anywhere.There is a...

NMartin by Associate III
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