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Official STM32 Bootloader

Associate II

Hi, I need to update the firmware of my MCU from the UART. I mean without physically touching the BOOT pin, but only via serial commands (classic FW update of a product).

I'm not an expert, but I tried searching on the internet and I saw that for these things it is necessary to write a bootloader. It doesn't seem impossible, but for a non-expert it's not exactly simple.

What I wanted to ask is, I think this is a very common need among users, has STM created anything official to support this feature? Is there something already given and official that I can use without necessarily writing my own custom bootloader? Maybe even supported directly in CubeMX.

I've seen that there are dozens of amateur/community bootloaders available, but not knowing how to write it, I can't even evaluate whether it's done well or whether it's suitable for my application, which is why I'm looking for an official STM solution.

Pavel A.
Chief III

The ST OpenBootloader behaves like the built-in STM32 bootloader. You can start from it and modify to your product. Also you can convince someone else to make a perfect bootloader for you.


You can jump to the system bootloader in code and use UART to program it through a supported UART interface.

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