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STM32G0 Unstable LSI frequency

Dear Everyone,We use STM32G0B0 MCU and in errata there's a section from the unstable LSI frequency. In some case the LSI frequency about 48 kHz. The workaround not work, after backup domain reset, the LSI frequency still about 48 kHz. My theory is th...

Issue with HTS211 - HardFault Handler

Hi ST Community,I'm using the B-L475E-IOT01A card and I have a problem. As soon as I run my code in Debug mode, I get the HardFault Handler (SIGTRAP) error. I want to use the HTS221 temperature sensor and I'm using the BSP for this sensor (hts211.h)....

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Firmware upgrade using IAP method

I'm looking for an OTA feature using IAP method on STM32H563 using USART communication. I wanted to know, if there is any IAP library available in C for the same along with the documentation, which I can make use of.Regards,

Resolved! STM32L1 system bootloader erase

Hi everyone,I am using an STM32h7 to program an STM32L151 using the system bootloader through usart.When I ask for the supported commands, I get that the erase command is between them but, surprisingly, when I try to use it I get a nack.Then I read t...

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