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I have a problem with the Target USB comms error. Error in initializing ST-LINK device. Reason: USB communication error.

Hi guysI am using TrueStudio and trying the Nucleo 64 STM32F446RE.when I try to debug, the console always shows Starting server with the following options:    Persistent Mode      : Disabled    Logging Level       : 1    Listen Port Number     : 6123...

JAvil.2 by Associate
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STM32L562RETX bootloader problem

I'm using the cubeide 1.6.1 version.There's a problem with using the bootloader this time.This is bootloader code​#define APPLICATION_ADDRESS    (uint32_t)0x08010000typedef void (*pFunction)(void);pFunction JumpToApplication;uint32_t JumpAddress;​int...

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Ljunh.1 by Associate II
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STM32G491 bootloader doesn't work

hi, i'm using a STM32G491 and i can't use embedded bootloader over UART1. i'v set BOOT_LOCK(bit) to 0, Boot0(pin) to 1, nBoot1(bit) to 1 ans nBoot_SW(bit) to 1. when i try to connect the mcu to STCubeProgrammer over UART i receive this message error:...

ERazz.3 by Associate II
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Storage access on an STM32 microcontroller

Hi All, I have noticed that when connecting both of my boards [b-g474e-dpow1, stm32g474ret6u] and [NUCLEO-F429ZI, stm32f429zi] they are recognized as a storage device on windows per the picture below for the b-g474e-dpow1 board. My question is, these...

VVarg.1 by Associate II
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