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Resolved! R/W SPI with STM32H743

Hi everyone!It's my first post and I'm trying to make something with the SPI but I met the problems. Even if I configure the interface (hopefully correctly), I can't communicate with any SPI device. I bought BMP280 as a simple sensor to communicate w...

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Insufficient document of BL462E-CELL1

Hi!I have bought BL462E-Cell1. I need the documents of Murata Type1SC which is the key component of the discovery kit BL462E-Cell1. From the registration code printed on the sheet with BL462E-cell cannot give me the access to the documents of Murata...

ZWH.1 by Associate II
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STM32F411 OpenBootloader

Hi, Is there an example of an open bootloader for the STM32F4xx series? I've attempted to adapt an open bootloader example from the STM32C0xx series to create an example for the STM32F411, but I'm encountering numerous errors due to differences in th...

Mabou.1 by Associate II
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Build gnu-tools-for-stm32 repo in Windows

I downloaded gnu-tools-for-stm32 repo to a Windows 10 machine. I have mingw64 installed.I want to study arm-none-eabi-objcopy with a view to extracting bin files for internal and external flash from an elf in a self-contained utility.When I navigated...

DRega.1 by Associate III
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