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Resolved! Booting with dual flash banks vs. bank swap

Dear experts,I'm reading RMs for STM32 models with dual flash banks (F4, H7...) and don't quite understand how to use bank switching.Take the firmware update scenario when old firmware is in bank1 and new is programmed to bank2. So it programs some o...

Pavel A. by Evangelist II
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Waking from STOP mode U575

I am trying to get the STM32U575 to wake from STOP3 mode using the NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q dev board. I followed the example to enable the wakeup pin, clear any pending wakeup flag, and then go to sleep. I have this configured to pin PC13 which is the user p...

bpat by Associate II
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Resolved! problem running DHT22 on stm32h743

Hi st community,I am trying to connect DHT22 to stm32H743IIT6 but for each library I tested (that was working fine with f1 and f4 st mcu) no success achieved and after only one time (cycle ) mcu did not work. I put index++ variable inside while loop ...

STM32F3x Zephyr Project, DMA configuration

Hi,I am trying to use the async transfers with usarts, but it fails to enable the UART (using uart_rx_enable), due to no DMA configured for the usart.I have not been able to modify the device tree for DMA, but so far unsuccessful.On the dma2 node, I ...

sbend by Associate
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Timer + PWM + DMA

Hi,I’m looking for some tutorial (or any other learning staff) related to Timer + PWM + DMA.Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much info related to these issues. I’d like to learn:LL_TIM_CC_EnableChannel() and LL_TIM_CC_DisableChannel():What exactly do t...

AFink by Associate III
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