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Resolved! About GPIO

I am using a nucleo l4r5zi.​I would like to use the GPIOs on this board as inputs and get the value of those inputs from software.Specifically, I would like to use PG2 to accomplish this.​I have the following setup and am inputting 3.3v into PG2, but...

Myasu.1 by Senior
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STM32F767ZI + FreeRTOS SysTick HardFault

Hey! I'm not that experienced wit FreeRtos and i am facing a HardFault problem. I want to use FreeRtos and created some tasks. But when the Systick Handler is called for the first time, it causes an Hardfaul Exeption. The Program Counter points to th...

MKuhl.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! ULPI on the STM32H7B0 using USB3300

I had success when using the ULPI interface on a STM32H7A3 (on the nucleo board) using an external ULPI transceiver board when porting over to the STM32H7B0, I am not having much success. I believ...

HAL UART Receive short reads - corrupt data

I am trying to implement a UART Rx using a typicalstart-byte, length, payloadpattern.I spin read on 1 character until it is my start byte. Then I read 2 bytes, shift them into a 16 bit length and read the remainder of the payload.The trouble is, the...

PCamp.2 by Associate III
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FileX, DMA, disable or manage cache?

HiIn the various filex with SDMMC examples the icache and dcache are enabled so when porting I did the same.I noticed when attempting to use DMA SPI it was not working until I disabled these. For the SD I then have to disable cache and cache manageme...

OHaza.1 by Associate III
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DFU programming error

If I use the DFU programming over USB with STM32CubeProgrammer, the error occurred and the device doesn't start properly, but if I download the same program with ST-LINK everything runs ok. The MCU is STM32 G473.I can connect the MCU over the USB, an...

PKola.1 by Associate II
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