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Firmware update over uart I/O pin config

Hello togetherActual I use the systembootloader to update the device over uart.Is there a way to reconfigure the unused I/O pin for the system bootloader? Or must this be done via a self-written bootloader?The problem is that some I/O pins take on a ...

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Hi all, I enabled USB on 407 controller in MS Class and through program I am enabling (MX_USB_DEVICE_Init();) and disabling (MX_USB_DEVICE_DeInit ();) it. Once enabled, it looks as though the controller gets stuck in a loop. It does not execute

other functions and just hangs. I am suspecting some interrupt flag not being cleared. Strangely it works on my laptop but not on a PC. An earlier version is working without getting stuck and shows SD card content. Any suggestions please?

Resolved! netconn_connect() for TCP/IP connection is blocking at osSemaphoreAcquire(TxPktSemaphore,...) on my STM32F746ZG-Nucleo

I try to implement a TCP/IP client on my STM32F746ZG-Nucleo.Before the last update it was working. But no more now.The first pass I always get a ERR_RTE because the ethernet link is not up. So I tried to connect each 5 secondes 5 times.But the second...

Hi, I am new to MQTT and LWIP. I am trying to implement MQTT client in STM32F407 and t connect to MQTT server through LWIP. When I tried connecting to MQTT server, I received authentication error in server side. Kindly help resolve the issue.

mqtt_client_connect(mqtt_client_t *client, const ip_addr_t *ip_addr, u16_t port, mqtt_connection_cb_t cb, void *arg,          const struct mqtt_connect_client_info_t *client_info){ err_t err; size_t len; u16_t client_id_length; /* Length is the sum o...

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ADC sporadic fails when USB communication

I am working on a new PCB/platform based on the STM32H730 MCU.In general, all peripheral drivers work well, using Cube MX.But I have a problem with the ADC sampling:I quite often see errors on the ADC sampling, when USB is connected to PC.But only wh...

KKjel.1 by Associate III
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STM32H750 and Sd Micro card use SDMMC FATS?

Dear ST Microelectronics Team! I am coding commnuication between STM32H750 and SdMicro use SDMMC - FATS from cubemx. But I have a proplem about commnunication about STM32H750 and Sd Micro using SDMMC FATS.Step 1: I open a file by using funtion: 1. re...

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