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I have problems with buffers related to USB endpoints. It seems that data is placed in the wrong buffers or pointer offsets are wrong. I need help to find out what the problem is.

Custom HID class device based on the custom HID example.What I need:Control endpoint 0 INControl endpoint 0 OUTendpoint 1 IN (0x81)endpoint 2 OUT (0x02)endpoint 3 IN (0x83)endpoint 4 OUT (0x04)Page 2012 in RM0440: “For this reason, a dedicated featur...

Annette1 by Associate
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BC1.2 together with USB_HS

Hello,I am working on a rechargeable battery powered device that includes a STM32F405VGT6 and can communicate with a proprietary PC software using the internal USB HS Phy.To control the charging of the battery I included a BQ IC (BQ25882), this IC in...

SBron.2 by Associate
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STM32H723ZG Frequency measure issue.

Currently using NUCLEO-STM32H723ZG board. ​I'm setting TIMER1 as a PWM output, TIMER2 set as Input Capture direct mode try to measrue the frequency output from TIMER1. ​Clock Configuration : APB1/ APB2 Timer Clocks 100 (MHZ)​Timer 1 :Prescaler : 1-1C...

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CYi A.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H7 PHY driver for LAN8742 2s delay

Hi All,Can somebody point me what is a reason for 2 sec delay at PHY driver for LAN8742?I mean code below at function LAN8742_Init() inside file lan8742.c.if(status == LAN8742_STATUS_OK) { tickstart = pObj->IO.GetTick(); /* Wait for 2s to ...

JDosp.1 by Associate III
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Maximum baud rate for serial bootloaders

What is the maximum reliable baud rate that the serial bootloader will operate at?I am aware than AN3155 says that the max tested is 115200 but that's too slow for the production rates we need. How much faster can it go? I would like to go at least...