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Integrating LittleFS in stm32L1XX project

Hello,Because there are negative side effects of using FatFS in my program to write logs to an SD Card, I am trying LittleFS library with an implementation of the HAL library.When I mount the filesystem &lfs I get a result of -84 which indicates that...

JBamb.1 by Associate
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Resolved! I2C HAL lock state not properly updated

Hello,While I was tracking an issue on I2C bus, I found something that seems to be unconsistent in HAL file stm32l4_hal_i2c.c1 - routines I2C_WaitOn_____UntilTimeout() are called after locking the bus with __HAL_LOCK(hi2c) macro2- these routines upda...

Resolved! Custom bootloader for stm32h7

Hi community.. In the past i have developed a custom bootloader for the following mcu stm32f7... I was reading the usb and writing the flash section dedicated for the application.Now i have to do the same for the stm32H7.. Are the steps the same ? Ar...

SGasp.1 by Senior
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