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Resolved! Nucleo MB1364 as standalone ST-Link V3

Hi there,I have developed my project long time with MB1364E, exactly with H723ZG.Now I have got my own PCB with H743. I would like to use ST-Link V3 (SWD) from Nucleo board just the same as it works for cuttable ST-Link from L4 Nucleos, e.g.:https://...

DrDro by Associate III
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Resolved! SD card error FR_NOT_ENABLED

Hi,I'm trying to send image data to SD card with OV7670 FIFO cam. For the SD card part, I got FR_NOT_ENABLED error all the time. What do I have to do for the error?Also the code:HAL_Delay(200);FIFO_REN_L();FIFO_WE_H();Vsync=0;ov7670_init();res = f_mo...

nucleo-F746 ethrnet, lwip configıration

Hi,I am using Nucleo F746 eval board. I configured ethernet and lwip. But I can't get ping. "Reply from Destination host unreachable." I get feedback like: My ETH and Lwip configurations are below. Can you help with this issue?      ...

HS_1-1695883021586.png HS_2-1695883048330.png HS_3-1695883068608.png HS_4-1695883099184.png
HS by Associate II
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STM32H750B-DK LTC example

After tinkering with some of those cheap SPI displays, I would like to use the LTDC controller of the STM32H7 MCU. From my current research, I understand that the LCD controller controls the attached display, allowing me to push data stored in a fram...

MLang.7 by Associate III
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